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If you want to keep your lawn healthy and looking great, you will need to invest in the services of a lawn care company. This guide will help you know what to look for in a lawn care company. It will also give an overview of the top lawn care companies and let you compare reviews to choose the best lawn care company for you.

What to look for in a lawn care company:

The specific services offered

Not every company will offer the specific services you need, so it’s important to look at what each company offers. Some of the services that may or may not be offered include the following:

  • fertilizer – for weed control and the promotion of a healthy, lush lawn
  • tree and shrub care – trimming trees and shrubs as needed, fertilizing trees and shrubs, treating disease or infestation
  • irrigation – installation and maintenance of irrigation systems and/or sprinklers to ensure your lawn gets the appropriate amount of water
  • aeration – making holes in the soil to allow water, fertilizer and essential nutrients to reach the roots
  • lawn mowing – cutting the grass to keep it looking great and at the desired length
  • hardscape designs – installing things like fountains and building retaining walls, all of the non-plant aspects of a great looking yard

The kinds of service programs available

Some lawn care companies will provide service as either a one-time job or a recurring job. Some companies offer weekly service or will come a few times a month. Some companies will also offer seasonal plans, with service calls a few times a year like in the Spring and the Fall.

The products they use

The two main kinds of products you’ll see lawn care companies using are chemical treatments and organic lawn care products. If you’re concerned about the safety of chemical treatments, you may want to make sure a potential lawn care company offers the use of organic lawn care products.

Price and payment process

How much your lawn care treatment will cost is an important thing to find out. Different lawn care companies will offer different kinds of payment options. Some will charge a single flat rate per service while others will charge by the hour. For regular service over time, you may sign a service contract and make regular payments.

The company’s reputation

The degree of professionalism that a lawn care company has is important to know. Find out how the employees are screened and trained. It’s also important to learn about how the company communicates with the customer

Lawn Care vs. Landscaping

Lawn care companies and landscape companies may or may not offer the same things. Lawn care companies tend to specialize in the application of products like fertilizer and pest control products. Landscapers, on the other hand, tend to focus on the physical work of lawn mowing, trimming trees and shrubs, building hardscapes, and so on. However, both lawn care companies and landscaping companies may offer all services, so it’s important to look at what is offered.

Lawn care company reviews:


With several Ph.Ds. in horticulture on their team, the TruGreen approach is firmly rooted in science. As the official lawn care provider of the Professional Golfers’ Association, it’s easy to see they know what they’re doing. They are a full-service lawn care company with plans right for every level of need and budget. TruGreen is also known for being very involved in the communities in which they work by creating green spaces and community gardens.


LawnAmerica provides service in Oklahoma and North Carolina. In addition to seasonal lawn care servicing, they offer tree and shrub care, pest control, and even holiday lawn decoration.

Lawn Doctor

The Lawn Doctor is the largest lawn care franchise in the US. As a franchise, they combine the resources and training of a national brand with the local expertise of a particular area. They offer a satisfaction guarantee. In addition to lawn care, they are experts at outdoor pest control, especially mosquito control.

Green Lawn Fertilizing

This small, local business serves parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. They offer organic treatment options and maintenance plans.

Massey Services Inc.

Serving six southern states, Massey is a full-service lawn care company best known for pest control, irrigation, and landscaping. They are also an excellent resource to help you determine which plants will flourish in your yard.


This full-service lawn care company operates in several US states. They use organic materials and have certified arborists on their team to assess tree risk. Pest control is another positive of SavATree service.

Weed Man

The name says it all. Weed Man is among the best at getting rid of weeds and promoting the growth of a thick and healthy lawn. This franchise is found throughout the US and Canada. In addition to general lawn care and weed control, Weed Man offers excellent pest control and pest prevention.

Gibbs Landscape

This award-winning Atlanta lawn care company offers full-service options for keeping your lawn healthy and looking nice. They do both landscaping and hardscape work and they offer maintenance service plans.