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A beautiful lawn can make any property look appealing. Unfortunately, a beautiful lawn doesn’t grow itself. A skilled landscaping expert is familiar with the terrain and is able to provide the permanent services to ensure each lawn looks its best. To help your lawn thrive you should really consider hiring one of these top 50 lawn care providers below.

Let’s take a closer look at the top providers on our list:

1.) TruGreen – This company provides customizable services for lawn care and maintenance. Based out of Memphis, this nationwide brand has over 1.7 million commercial and residential customers combined. This firm promotes sustainable practices and organic services to help your world be greener than ever before. You can contact any of the 250 TruGreen branches throughout the nation to schedule an appointment.

2.) ValleyCrest Landscape Firms – Started back in 1949, this privately owned company has over 100 locations around the globe. They employ over 10,000 employees who can service real estate owners, property managers, developers, and homeowners. Taking on the name of The Brickman Group in the United States, this company is the biggest service provider in the lawn care field.

3.) Davey Tree Expert – This firm’s roots date back to 1880. Now serving both the United States and Canada, Davey’s is based out of Ohio. This employee-owned lawn care company is the seventh largest in the entire country. It currently employs over 8,000 people.

4.) Scott LawnService – Ever heard of Scott’s Miracle-Gro? This lawn service company is a subsidiary of the well-known brand. Scott’s LawnService provides residential lawn care services and is noted as the second largest in America.

5.) USM/EMCOR – This joint company offers commercial landscaping services nationwide. In addition, the EMCOR side of the company offers other commercial services, including lighting, plumbing, and fire safety.

6.) Bartlett Tree Experts – Founded in 1907, this is a shrub care and scientific tree company that provides lawn care services for customers. Their corporate office is based out of Stamford, Connecticut. Bartlett’s has over 27 locations in the United States and has spread into Great Britain, Ireland, and Canada.

7.) TruGreen Land Care – With over 60 branches in 17 states, this independently-owned company provides commercial landscaping services. Some common customers include corporate campuses, residential communities, property members, hospitality, and hotels.

8.) Gothic Landscape – This family owned business is geared towards landscape construction. Working with small properties and large commercial establishments, Gothic Landscape provides a large list of services for their customers.

9.) U.S. Lawns – Based out of Orlando, Florida, this company has a network of over 260 locations throughout America. Started in 1986, U.S. Lawns has grown to provide customized commercial landscape as well as ice and snow removal services.

10.) Yellowstone Landscape Group – Formed somewhat recently in 2008, this group is a large company that joins forces with smaller companies. Their mission is to help those small lawn care companies to grow to their full potential. Currently Austin Outdoor and BIO are part of this landscape group.

11.) Lawn Doctor – Present in over 40 states, this 40-year-old company has more than 460 locations across the United States. With services including shrub care, tree removal, pest control, and lawn care, Lawn Doctor works with their clients to develop a customized lawn care program to fit their needs.

12.) Mainscape – This company was established in 1980 and provides year long landscaping services for their clients.

13.) Marina Landscaping – With over 30 years of experience in their field, Marina’s offers design, installation, and maintenance for any landscape.

14.) Merit Service Solutions – This company solely focuses on the exterior facility services that its clients need. With over 35 years of experience, Merit now offers landscaping, parking lot management, ice and snow removal, as well as capital improvements.

15.) SavATree – This organic lawn care company provides landscaping, tree services, and shrub care for both commercial and residential properties.

16.) Massey Services – This 80-year-old company provides landscape care, pest prevention, and termite protection for their clients.

17.) Acres Group – Based out of Arlington Heights, Illinois, this company provides premium landscape installation, maintenance, and snow removal. Their customized design products have always been a feature of their services since their start in 1983.

18.) Clintar Landscape Management – This lawn care firm has been providing landscape management services to government facilities, private estates, homeowner associations, property management companies, and businesses for over 80 years.

19.) Environmental Earthscapes / Groundskeeper – Based out of Tucson, Arizona, this firm offers lawn care services to both commercial and residential customers.

20.) NaturaLawn Of America – Started in 1987, this environmentally responsible lawn care firm will go out of its way to ensure your living space is as eco-friendly as possible.

The remaining top 50 companies include:

21.) Gachina Landscape Management

22.) Spring-Green Lawn Care

23.) Denison Landscaping

24.) Jensen Corporation

25.) Lucas Tree Expert Co.

26.) Mission Landscape Cos.

27.) Greenscape

28.) Sebert Landscaping

29.) Mariani Landscape

30.) The Greenery

31.) Christy Webber Landscapes

32.) Cagwin & Dorward

33.) Terracare Associates

34.) Ryan Lawn & Tree

35.) Maldonado Nursery & Landscaping

36.) Metco Landscape, Inc.

37.) Reliable Property Services

38.) Dixie Landscape Co.

39.) McFall and Berry Landscape Management

40.) Schumacher Landscaping

41.) Chapel Valley Landscape Company

42.) Scott Byron and Co.

43.) Shearon Design

44.) Russell Landscape Group

45.) Southern Botanical

46.) Environmental Management

47.) Senske Lawn & Tree Care

48.) Girard Environmental Services

49.) AAA Landscape

50.) James River Grounds Management